Dr Katie Wilson

Dr Katie Wilson

Postdoctoral fellow – Australian National University

Dr Katie Wilson was awarded the young Australian Biochemist of the year for 2020.

Selected publications (see Google Scholar for complete list)

DNA–protein π-interactions in nature: abundance, structure, composition and strength of contacts between aromatic amino acids and DNA nucleobases or deoxyribose sugar
KA Wilson, JL Kellie, SD Wetmore Nucleic acids research 42 (10), 6726-6741

Understanding the link between lipid diversity and the biophysical properties of the neuronal plasma membrane
KA Wilson, HI MacDermott-Opeskin, E Riley, Y Lin, ML O’Mara Biochemistry 59 (33), 3010-3018

The fats of life: using computational chemistry to characterise the eukaryotic cell membrane
KA Wilson, L Wang, H MacDermott-Opeskin, ML O’Mara Australian Journal of Chemistry 73 (3), 85-95

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